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Given the stricter requirements governing the construction, navigation and risk control of vessels in international conventions, vessel management demands more human and financial resources, and is more specialized. SAṂYOGA is the best partner for companies which would like to cost down management or lack the expertise in managing vessels:

Scope of business

Safety and Security Management

SAṂYOGA provides services encompassing safety management, security and legal compliance for vessels to comply with the safety requirements of the international conventions and the port states governing management and operations of the vessel.

Technical Services

SAṂYOGA provides services encompassing the establishment and review of planned maintenance system, arrangement of classification society and inspections of vessels, solutions for and advice on technical issues and supervision of the construction of vessels.

Marine Operations Management

SAṂYOGA provides application, consultation, procurement and cost-control services for supply of various provisions and stores, establishment and management of the communication system, risk management services for operation of vessel, and pilotage services

Crew Management

SAṂYOGA provides consultation and management services for the recruitment, training, document management, and the performance evaluation of the crew

Commercial Services

SAṂYOGA also provides the following services on the use of vessels.